We are the best health insurance company in Nigeria.

Clearline International Limited (HMO) is a limited liability company, incorporated in January 1994 and duly registered with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to underwrite health insurance in Nigeria.

We offer robust healthcare plans tailored to satisfy the needs of individuals, families, groups, companies and the public sector. We guarantee seamless access for enrollees to experience primary, secondary and tertiary levels of medical care.

Regional Presence
0 Million Customers
in more than 60 regions
0 Billion Naira
The largest share capital among health insurance companies

Our Mission

To provide access to prompt, qualitative and value-added medical care for our clients using healthcare financing management and other multi-disciplinary techniques.

Our Vision

To be the Most Responsive HMO.

Our Core Values

We offer various health plans which provide increasing levels of care.